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Adrian Martinez


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21 hours ago, Hedley Lamarr said:

I love how this lives on for the last several years lol 

I still chuckle about it. I also wish Tuff Tiger would come back. :moreinteresting

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Hats off to Adrian Martinez today. I thought he played a very solid game during an extremely shaky year.   He lost his starting job this season, split time today with Luke, and still complet

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2 hours ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

is it worth asking for the password to the woodshed and looking?


Sure. But be warned:



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6 hours ago, admo said:


I used to go to the Shed just to read and laugh, but not lately as often.  I don't know why.  And back in the day (waaay back 2006-2008) it was great for blowing off steam after a game.  Wish ppl would use the Shed on game days more often to vent and rant instead.

I wish people didn’t need a place like that to vent after games.  

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42 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

I wish people didn’t need a place like that to vent after games.  


True.  But you've been around tho.  The husker message board venting has been a bad habit since solich/Callahan, through the current times. It would be better for a password protected place to do that then trying to filter out the good and bad posts for those who want to discuss things somewhat sanely. 

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On 5/3/2021 at 12:08 AM, TheBugeater said:

Green jersey AM hype is funny.


1. 0% chance he ever plays in the NFL.

2. He’s not a 4.4 guy. There have been 7 college quarterbacks in the past 30 yrs that have ever been timed under 4.5.


Bottom-line. Don’t care about the yards or the completion percentage. AM is 1-13 vs Wiscy, Iowa, NW, OSU, Mich, Col. In 29 career starts, he has beaten 1 team with a winning record.


He is who he is. He’s a great kid, and he might be a little better this coming year, but he’s not gonna win ya a lot of big games. 


People always say stuff like your #1 and then the player gets into the NFL and plays for several seasons. Farniok is the latest example. The guy got drafted after people were saying he wouldn't get a sniff. 

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16 hours ago, admo said:

Adrian Martinez gon be great this year


Offense too



#WAIT N SEE chuckleshuffle




I think the like options list needs the kool-aid emoji... at least for this post alone.  :D   :koolaid2:

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1 hour ago, uberism said:

What would be best for everyone is for Martinez to have a strong season and try to make an NFL roster the following season. Then #10 takes over, IMO. 

A dream scenario would be a Zach Wilson like jump or even a return to freshman year production. 

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5 hours ago, GamingGlen said:


I think the like options list needs the kool-aid emoji... at least for this post alone.  :D   :koolaid2:


I think that's a great idea!  Oh yeahhhh 


Bro @Mavric can you swap the upvote with koolaid??  Please?


You got all the power.  Would be great for husker team building :) 


Maybe just for 2021 idk,.. think about it...  oh yeahhh :koolaid2:

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