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9 hours ago, HuskerRobNOregon said:

Anyone who watched Gebbia beat the Ducks last night will understand why Mario is a hoax...I have been watching Gebbia the last 2 seasos develop under Mr Smith here in Corvallis thinking wow.. he WAS in Lincoln.. Gebbia looked amazing last night.. so cool.. and TJ was in Lincoln.. Avery Roberts too.. Caleb? yep.. Avery had a couple of Game changing stops last night.. oh well..


Gebbia does not hesistate...he runs or throws.. fast. his line is pretty legit.. I did not see misfires... last night or in other games ... and games in a row.



He was terrible against WAZZU and U-Dub.  He started slow against Cal and picked it up in the second half.  He played well last night.  Let's not give him too much credit yet.  

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9 hours ago, WyoHusker56 said:


Gebbia was 7 of 15 at one point, that's a 46% completion rate. He finished with a 71.6 QBR. Adrian's was 79.4. Adrian had a higher completion rate and higher average pass per yard. Plus Iowa is the 31st ranked pass defense not including today's game. I watched Gebbia last night too and I'd have stuck with AM. 

Gebbia threw for 90 more yards and got the W.  Martinez should throw for a higher percentage because he's constantly throwing the ball to his backs.  As for iowa's pass defense, who in the West has a high octane passing offense?  That's a silly stat to include.

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9 hours ago, admo said:

I don't think Mario is a problem.  He doesn't play on Saturdays. 


And frankly, it just sounds like another person to point a finger at.

The offense has averaged 2.4 turnovers a game due in large part to the QB play. Also the passing game has been abysmal and QB accuracy/arm strength has been abysmal with Luke and Adrian regressing over 2-3 years.


A wee bit more than finger pointing, the offense has been largely ineffective by all units and the quarterbacks are a big part of it.

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