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Huskers open as ten point favorites over Gophers

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@Big Red VikingFleck is the one coach in college football who is most likely to get beat up by his NFL team

Let me guess.    They must really think they’ll miss Bateman. Tanner Morgan is a shell without all those dudes he had before. Put Cam on Autman-Bell. Stack the box for Ibrahim.   

After the news today from the conference about making an exception for ohio st hopefully everyone will be playing with a chip on there shoulders but then again.........   They must really th

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4 minutes ago, Comish said:

Can we label this game the "Avanti Sweepstakes"? 


Here's hoping not. In all honesty, if a player makes a huge decision off results from a single game. A game mind you, where one team is coming in short handed.. Well, I'd think that a mistake. I also wonder if the skers mental prep is on or have they written the gophers off like they did the illini? If so, it will be a long, long day in Lincoln.

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37 minutes ago, Loebarth said:

Here's hoping not. In all honesty, if a player makes a huge decision off results from a single game. 


No no no. Let me explain. If we win then we tell him that he should come play with winners. Only when we lose do we tell him "don't make a big decision based on a single game" 

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