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*Rumor* Mass exodus incoming.

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Stoll is a senior lol. Warner= who cares. Wandales dad said last month that it isn't true. Troll better lol. 

Sorry I do not even know how to reply on this site.   so if I screwed this up sorry.      Since he left the town I live, in 2014 ish I have not spoke to him. Only his wife a few times and mo

Got some bad news today from someone inside the program. Looks like a lot of players are planning on leaving including Wandale, Warner, Stoll.   Complaints from a player stated Frost’s ego i

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Just now, B.B. Hemingway said:


Seen a few comments in the game thread about Wandale leaving.... Wasn't sure if there was some smoke that I missed on here somewhere...

Haven't seen any actual evidence of that being true, but some to the contrary with an interview by Wan'Dale this week talking about the future.

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I think maybe in the heat of the season when things aren’t going good it’s easy for guys to be unhappy and think about leaving.. Hopefully guys can go home and take a break from football and regroup because I honestly don’t think there is going to be a lot of landing spots for guys wanting to transfer. As for the OP, I also heard that there were upwards of 20 players looking to move on I just don’t buy any of that at all.. If that were true I’d assume Frost would have an idea and we would of signed a larger class. 

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6 minutes ago, Gorillahawk said:

I think Frost's relationships with his players will keep this from happening. Kinda like Bo, Frost's players would run through a wall for him and trust him completely

I think this applies to a lot of the roster right now but I still get the feeling some aren't 100% sold.  That number has shrunk yearly but there are still some remaining.  

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You can tell things are starting to turn for the better. Other schools are having players going into the portal left and right the last couple of weeks and Nebraska hasn't had any. The ones that didn't buy-in/loner /home sick types already left. 

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