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Bowl Game - Huskers Decline


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12 minutes ago, 307husker said:

Optics are bad IMO. 


File lawsuits to play, then decline a final game when the season hasn't gone your way....



Are you saying they shouldn't have wanted to play the season if they didn't want to play one meaningless game at the end of a very long year? 

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I’m not trying to sound like an a$$h@!e I know this year has been trying not only for football but the general everyday stuff but if true they players said no means they don’t have the champion mind s

Dammit, these kids are weak because they aren't considering how us entitled fans are disappointed by them not doing what we want to be able to dictate to them to do.   Obviously them jumping

How come these damn selfish kids don’t work hard and run fast and stay separated from their families so I that I can watch them on my comfy chair over some Carne Asada fries and and 12 PBRs?  Damn mil

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54 minutes ago, HANC said:

I bet you have sat with your family at least once since March ?? Guessing, not sure.  I am NOT afraid to see them get beat, hell, kind of used to it. I really wanted them to play so I personally could enjoy watching my team. What I refuse to do is badmouth them for declining.  Absolutely ZERO positive impact on team to play. It would ONLY be for us. A win would not propel them nor would another loss be a detriment. It would only be played for FUN, and they aren't having fun.

*** I dont think you are a awful human for having a different opinion. It is what makes this board what it is. We can disagree.

Rest assured that I would never blame the players as they are not the ones earning millions every year. However, I do think that our coaches used the players as an excuse not to prepare for a bowl game. Our team is healthy. Nevertheless, the coaches chose to end the season on a win to save their jobs as another loss might have cost some of them, NOT Frost, their jobs. The decision to decline is a choice they made and not as a result of health issues. Do you really want to convince me that if the coaches really wanted to play and improve, they could not talk to the players and explain what’s at stake? Instead, they used the players as an excuse to end the season. The ramifications of their decision will be in full display next season. I really hope I am wrong as I want nothing but success and relevance for my beloved Huskers. And I completely understand that fans are split on this issue. Only time will tell what the right choice was.

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@huskerfan That is a different optic. Not saying you are wrong here. I dont believe the coaches were excited about playing. I would say that I would hope the decisions about the jobs are already made and another game is moot. Changes need to happen. 

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3 hours ago, huskerfan74 said:

To me it just does not make any sense. When the Wisconsin game was cancelled, everyone was so upset and the players and coaches wanted to schedule an out of conference game and when they were told “NO”, everyone cursed the BiG conference and their mothers and fathers. Now, if we are given the PRIVILEGE of playing in a bowl game where this team can really show that they are capable of competing at the national level, the players and coaches should jump on that opportunity and not look a gift horse in the mouth.


And can we please stop using COVID as an excuse? COVID has affected everyone in the nation including every other team. Did Frost and his coaches prorate the millions they are getting because of COVID? These players and coaches were jumping at the opportunity to play football all season long and now suddenly they are tired and want to spend time with their families. 

This is what I really think is the actual reason and NOT COVID. The coaches and players are not confident that they can actually compete with other teams and are afraid of losing and just want to end the season with a win. However, if they really think about it, the chance of finishing the season at 4-5 gives hope and confidence for next season. But apparently they are not confident that they can pull a clean game and are afraid to end up 3-6. To me, 3-6 is not that much worse than 3-5. At least then, the coaches and players know what they are dealing with going into next season.


It also seems that many fans on this blog are also afraid of losing so they would rather end the season with a win. Instead of saying just that, they vilify those fans who want to see their team play and compete. By the way, I am going to be working through the holidays as my job dictates that I work even in Christmas Day  and New Years, and I am not sitting at home with my FAMILY while others are being asked to go out and play a bowl game. These players and coaches signed up for this when they put on the Husker uniform and the coaches cashed their fat checks. Yes, I know, I am horrible and awful human being.

If we’re being practical technically a 3-5 season isn’t above 500 and would automatically be dq’d from a bowl season anyways 


also bud, that’s your job, that pays you and you agree to work there. These are still amateur athletes. 

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2 hours ago, NebraskaHarry said:

Are you saying they shouldn't have wanted to play the season if they didn't want to play one meaningless game at the end of a very long year? 

No, I'm saying they should continue to fight hard and play games to improve the program and represent their university to the best of their ability.

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I see both sides.  A lot of NU pressing to play was in Aug, then game 2 of the season wanting to go outside conference for a game.  The lawsuits, petitions etc.........Then we get a "bowl" offer only because other teams are bailing left and right and bowls themselves are cancelling.  We maybe get a few extra days of practice.  Not the usual 15. The chance to get guys hurt (unsure how Luke got hurt, but wasn't in a game), unsure who is even coming back....Just a whole lot of crap in a crappy year.  Not a lot to play for.  Won't learn a whole lot.  Someone posted we haven't won the last game of the season since 2015.......Can't blame the staff and seniors using this as a win.  They'll all be back soon enough.  I'm also assuming Frost knows some of the staff might be facing the possibility of not coming back.  Let the season end and maybe quietly let some guys go.  



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30 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

Honestly, I feel like the team took the high road and opted out of a bowl to save the embarrassment of not being invited to play.  Not a bad play, IMO.  We made it OUR decision.  The rest to me is just noise.


Actually, this is not what happened at all. But if it makes you feel better, go right ahead.

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