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B10 West Seniors: Impact On Who Comes Back For 2021 Season


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2 hours ago, Mavric said:


He isnt one of the 3 senior oline starters. This could mean 4 oline starters.

Not surprised on Peter's. Missed time. Not nfl talent, especially in this years draft. Might as well return

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To be fair, I would guess Taylor-Britt also can't snap. Probably won't affect his draft stock though.

Here are the Seniors across the B10 who started or made an impact along with a few underclassmen who might go pro.    Highlighted = coming back  Bold = Declared for NFL or transferred

Dude, just walk away and take the L.   You're flat out wrong on this one and everyone knows it except you evidently.

15 hours ago, UniversalMartin said:

In any other year I would agree...but all of these guys missed the ambiance of playing in front of 80+k for the year...leaves a hefty "if I had a do over" in heads

True, though is 12 more months of workouts, practices while forgoing a paycheck worth 12 Saturdays and (hopefully) a December bowl trip to Tampa or Miami? For some it is but I'd expect many will pursue the NFL or hang up the cleats. 

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6 hours ago, Wistrom Disciple said:

True, though is 12 more months of workouts, practices while forgoing a paycheck worth 12 Saturdays and (hopefully) a December bowl trip to Tampa or Miami? For some it is but I'd expect many will pursue the NFL or hang up the cleats. 

Oh, if you are going NFL route then yeah, I could see that..I was speaking more about the "real life" players

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8 minutes ago, UniversalMartin said:

On a sidenote... I am utterly amazed how disconnected I am from ANY bowl game this year. Generally I would watch a few here and there in passing, but ZERO so far. Probably watch some of the semi's... I expect ND to get throttled and Clemson to take OSU by 14

Some really good ones have been played.  Coastal vs Liberty, Buffalo vs Marshal, Louisiana vs UTSA, Miami vs Okie St.  Really good, close games......A lot of "lesser" programs that I think would give NU all it could handle and then some.  


I've enjoyed it TBH.  No other teams I follow save NU and Clemson so I just pick a team and enjoy.  Just liking the good football I have seen thus far.  Even UT vs CU shaping up to be a good one.

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So......for 2021 rosters. 


Wisconsin has had 2 players transfer out. Their starting QB that got hurt and the backup RB. Neither is going to be impactful from a starting perspective, but it hurts their depth if injuries happen. 


IL has had 12 players involved in the portal - exiting or incoming. They had a fullback that transferred in from MSU. That right there tells you the offense their new head coach will run. They had a RB transfer in that has had about 600 yards in 4 seasons. 5 WR's have entered the portal with zero incoming. One could argue that IL has had a net negative out of the portal.....more talent lost than gained. 


IA six players entered the portal. None of them big names. They had a safety from the FCS level transfer in. Seems like there really wasn't a net gain or net loss. 


MN - they have had 5 players enter the transfer portal. The incoming WR, while highly rated out of high school, didn't do anything at A&M during his time there so you don't know if he will produce or not at MN. They have had 4 LOS players transfer in, which is telling since it points out they lack depth at the LOS and aren't confident with what they have on the roster. 


NW 8 players entered the transfer portal. An unusual number for them. One would have to be concerned about the skill spots next season since 2 that left were RB's and 2 WR's with 1 WR that transferred in. 


Purdue - 3 players entered the portal. None of the transfers in are attention worthy. 


Iowa's safety and Nebraska's incoming transfers seem to be, so far, the only impact new additions to the 2021 rosters from the portal. NW probably got hit the hardest. 










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