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Transfer Portal?


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Do we take anyone? We sure lose enough people to the portal, I'd think we'd take some from it too. It's probably the exception, and not the rule, but there are definitely guys who do very well after a new team from the transfer portal ( example, most guys who have transferred from Nebraska, JK..sort of).


There's a few intriguing quarterbacks that I've seen enter, and I haven't heard them committ anywhere yet, and even though I doubt HCSF takes a transfer QB, I think it would be wise. Charlie Brewer from baylor, Mordecai from Oklahoma, Sam Johnson from Boston College, and probably several others? Our needs may be just as bad at other positions too though.



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Not trying to argue, but didnt Burrow have 2 years?  At the very least he had Joe Brady as OC and NFL talent around him.

Fields has been in system for a few years

Minchew is best example, but he had the mad scientist, not what we have.

I personally am not sure a 1 yr player is a solution at qb.  At about any other position a grad transfer works.

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If we can nab a transfer QB and RB, I will be a happy man. 


Love Adrian to death as a person and leader, but we need better. Mills is effective, but we need a homerun threat. 

2 minutes ago, Aliens05 said:

Yes, and:


Nick Starkel

Peyton Ramsey

Jacob Eason

D'Eriq King

Shane Buechele

Zach Smith


Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts. Those guys come to mind too. 

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