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1 minute ago, Crusader Husker said:

HCSF's problem is he had success to quickly.  He doesn't seem to know what to do when the bottom drops out.

That last part says a lot, and it isn't good for us.

Hard to sell the system if one of your best players leaves and says that.

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I certainly will not even try to make it seem like I know what Wan'Dale and other football players were going through, but family is a big deal to him. With her health worsening I can only say he made the right decision. Family is more important than football, and I can't wait to cheer him on and see him make the pros.

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100% the right call for Wandale, IMO, and not just because of the family angle which I can respect. The program hasn't done a lot in recent years to instill belief in their ability to develop players and help them reach the NFL.

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I think the ESPN reporter is click baiting with the tag there. Considering WR was the one player on offense with a touch quota, I'm not sure how much more he could have been featured. 


Although I would like to have had him stay, this might end up being the best for both the player and the program. Frost and Co. will need to develop hard this spring but I would like to believe that we end up being more well rounded after this with more focus on using the runningbacks as intended to control the clock and tempo. 

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9 minutes ago, Huskinator said:

We found what the haters are going to latch onto guys!   

Dude writes a heartfelt reasoning but a reporter uses a tag line to get readers and that’s what we latch onto!    

Pathetic as usual. 

No kidding.  I think the kid is all Nebraska and don't think this happens if his mom doesn't have health issues.

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4 minutes ago, Husker in WI said:


Are their rumors about him leaving or about him moving to Duck-R? Please be the latter..

I’m purely speculating here. That’s just what I heard on the 247 board that he may go. No idea who else might leave besides the Farniok brothers was another speculated duo. 

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