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Transfer Portal?


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Kind of funny how things develop.  Two months ago people were sure that Chins was terrible and McCaffrey needed to be our starting QB.  Weird how things you think you know can turn out to be totally w

In a nutshell:    Butler & A Will are not surprised as they felt that Riley players were blamed to be a problem & pushed out. Also saying that when back to back years you lose your t

We found what the haters are going to latch onto guys!      Dude writes a heartfelt reasoning but a reporter uses a tag line to get readers and that’s what we latch onto!       Pathetic

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On 12/30/2020 at 3:07 PM, Hilltop said:

We lost some recruits that appeared to be good on paper during an unprecedented pandemic year where nothing was remotely close to normal.  The majority of those lost were living 1500 miles from home and being forced to live in a capsule without all of the fun that goes along with standard college life.  


Of course we have lost a few unrelated to Covid but, imo, those guys either needed to go (JD) or they weren't going to be major contributors like Green. 


The sky isn't falling...  

That's because there is no sky anymore just a dark cloud filled with fear and terrible football

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I just spent some time looking in the portal...up until this point have not paid too much attention.  Lots of good players in the portal.  T.J. Pledger?  We could grab like 3 offensive playmakers and spark this offense to the next level.  With this year not counting against eligibility now is the time to upgrade immediately!  

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I think the portal is similar to taking a juco.  Hard to know if it will be a fit until after the player spends some time here.  I do think we could maybe benefit from a solid WR but I'm not sure on RB.  We have a lot of potential great youth ar RB that needs a chance on a normal year to shine imo.  Maybe the next Burkhead or Ameer is waiting?

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Guys in the portal I'd target:


Oklahoma RB Pledger

Oklahoma WR Rambo

Ohio St. WR Cooper

Illinois DE Carney (second team all BIG 10)

Notre Dame DB Rutherford

Colorado DE Harris

Michigan OLB Savage 


The 5 top guys could play right away IMO.  

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Do we know injury history of these guys we are “targeting”? 

maybe they were total studs and had some good games/stretches, but maybe they have some mileage in them too. 

just a good question to ask before we think that any P5 player is ready to come in as 4-6 yr players. 

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