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***The Nebraska Defense - Blackshirts 2021***

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52 minutes ago, HANC said:

We also didnt play Wisconsin,  who typically hangs 500 rushing yards on us. Lol.  

And Purdue was held to -2, which really helps the numbers.  They are definitely improving however, I am impressed with the defensive staff. They still will not be good enough to carry this team in 2021. Special teams will probably still be poor, due to lack of attention.  The offense loses Wan'Dale, will have two freshman tackles (Benhart really being a sophomore), a freshman LG, and who knows at RG.  Jurgens was much improved in the last 3 games but people still lament him being the weak link which I disagree with.  There is little returning WR production, save Toure from FCS at a lower level.  There is no proven RB in the room, although boosted slightly if Stepp gets a waiver but he has a long history of injuries. I just can't see the offense being much different, and Adrian will still get blamed for all that even if it's only partially his fault.


All that said, add in the schedule plus all the D experience returning, and the defense could be improved over 2020 by a fair amount and still be statistically worse in 2021.  The delta being the continued lack of any help from ST and the offense.  I am excited to watch the defense this year.

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20 hours ago, Decked said:

I don’t think anyone has argued progress hasn’t been made on the D. We just haven’t won any games. 


5 hours ago, Stumpy1 said:

I must not be reading closely enough either.  


On 2/10/2021 at 6:40 PM, Dogs In A Pile said:

I'm expecting 4-8 or maybe 5-7 with 6-6 as the ceiling. Honesty, I haven't seen any real improvement in the HCSF's first 3 seasons and subsequently don't expect much to change this year. IMHO, it is imperative that we go 3-1 in the first 4 games if there is going to be any chance of making a bowl. OU is a loss but they must find a way to beat Ill, Buff & MSU. Starting 2-2 or 1-3 could lead to a disastrous season.


On 1/13/2021 at 12:45 PM, Cdog923 said:

Oh nice, we've got a bunch of pieces from the *checks notes* 66th ranked scoring defense last year. 


On 12/28/2020 at 1:48 PM, Huskers93-97 said:

1. Is this the worst 3 year stretch of football since the late 1950's?

2. There has been minimal to no improvement in many areas. Some improvement lasts for a game or 2 then we take a few steps back. So it is very had to tell if any improvement has actually happened. 


That is my overall feeling on our team. I dont think that is exaggerating and I dont think it is unreasonable to think that is unacceptable. I want Frost to succeed and I am pissed how things are today because I was drinking the kool aide. As far as the QB's specifically. I think after Adrian's freshman year most people thought welp we got him for 2 more years then he is gone. Now 2 years later it doesnt look like he will even go pro.


On 12/20/2020 at 10:33 PM, The Dude said:

The problem for me is the "improvement" coincided with playing really bad offenses the last 4 games, and it feels like I've seen that movie before.


I'd like to see how Chinander's "improved" defense does against an offense with a pulse before anointing him.  He does have a long track record  of being incompetent, afterall.


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I thought our defense was pretty scrappy last year compared to a lot of others.  I think we have some passionate guys out there who have shown they can make big plays.  At the same time even with 9 of 11 returning they have a lot to prove.  Can they consistently be a good defense and how will they fare against this years schedule compared to last?  Even more perplexing is hopefully we don't have another stagnant offense to make their jobs even harder.

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1 hour ago, swmohusker said:

We also didn’t play any non con games to pad some stats.  I would say it is easy to see the progress of our defense against the rush, especially when the statistics verify improvements.  

Oh, I absolutely see progress,  just wanted to point out that no matter how good or bad Wiscy is, they are guaranteed to put up unreal rushing numbers against us.

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