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Board Downtime Yesterday? User Statuses?

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Was the board down again last night? Seems this is happening more and more frequently... and if it is intentional, either for maintenance/upgrades, where is that communicated? I could not connect to the board for ~6 hours last night. 


Also, it's been annoying but never said anything. Did you rip out the ability for users to have statuses on the home page? I no longer see them. 

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Statuses are showing up on my end Atbone (desktop, Chrome). Something may be different on other browsing devices.


The board did experience an issue but I don't know if it was intentional/accidental. Would probably need @BigRedMax or @Mavric to weigh in there. I was unable to access the board during this time, either.

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Got this response from the server company. Need techies on the board to give me advice on how to proceed. 


Thank you for your update and patience up to now.

What we have established after reviewing the case is that there is not enough diskspace on the partition ( / directory) where your MySQL and MySQL databases reside. This partition is 50GB SSD.

What we can do for you is the following:

  • Reconfigure the MySQL service to run and store the databases on the 2TB partition (/home directory) where the primary home directory resides. Note that this is a 2 TB (HDD) partition. Unfortunately, this will decrease the performance of the MySQL service.

the other option is to

  • Convert your 2TB (HDD) partition to 250GB SSD and this way your / director and /home directory will be under one partition.

What you can also do is to check your databases and remove those that are unnecessary.

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Seems a little odd that you would suddenly start hitting resource limits during the off season when site usage is normally lower. What's the actual size of the database? Should be able to see that with phpMyAdmin or other db tools.

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