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***NHL Hockey Thread***

JJ Husker

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I hate to fanboy the Avs any more than I already have but man they are fun to watch when they come to play. They’ve been out shooting opponents at a sick rate.  Fastest offense in the NHL and tremendous on D. 8-1 in their last 9 and the 1 loss was trying out a new backup goalie the day they acquired him. He let in 2 of the first 3 shots he saw and all 3 in the shootout. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakic was on the phone trying to deal him away while his one and only Avs game was still in progress. But boy, they more than handled the Wild and Golden Knights (the only other viable challengers in the West) these last 3 games. Got things tied up at 45 points a piece with the Knights. Big game with them Saturday afternoon.

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6 hours ago, GSG said:

What a bizarre game





Yeah, this game made me nervous. I had the Penguins in a parlay, saw it was 6-0 at the end of the 2nd and was already counting my winnings. When it got to 7-5 I had to start watching. Not sure what happened in the first 15 mins of the 3rd but it must’ve been crazy.

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Supposedly the Avs will be back in action tomorrow after their 2nd Covid induced hiatus. Saw yesterday that Mikko Rantanen just entered Covid protocol so the next couple games may not be slam dunks. I am glad they addressed their backup goalie concerns prior to the trade deadline. Dubnyk will give them a very reliable backup. And they’ll likely need him for the next few games since Grubi also went on Covid protocol a week ago. I’m not sure what to think of Johansson yet. In each of his first 3 games he let in the first shot of the game. Usually that’s a pretty big red flag. But in each of those games he came around and was pretty solid by the end and in his 4th game he had a shutout. So he might be okay as the 3rd goalie if he can get some better starts. Had to be quite the shock for him to leave the Sabres and come to a contender like the Avs that actually plays defense.


Think I’ll see what they look like after the week off before I start betting on them again.

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Might have to tune in the Caps-Rangers game Wednesday night. I would imagine there will be some retribution considering the Rangers are in 5th place in the east and have no real shot at making the playoffs. I don’t mind your typical hockey fight but there is no place in the league for what that Wilson guy did (or has apparently done in the past). Could get ugly with a 1st place team playing a team that is out of contention.

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It was getting pretty skinny on the benches with 6 & 5 guys in the box. I think the Ranger that jumped Wilson as soon, as he stepped on the ice, got sent to the locker room with 17 minutes worth of penalties. That’s why it wasn’t 6&6 in the box. Unfortunately NYR apparently doesn’t have any tough guys. Six of the lamest fights ever.


Could’ve avoided this whole deal if the NHL would’ve suspended Wilson like they should have.

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East Division is set: #1 Pittsburgh Penguins vs #4 NY Islanders; #2 Washington Capitals vs #3 Boston Bruins


Central is set: #1 Carolina Hurricanes vs #4 Nashville Predators; #2 Florida Panthers vs #4 Tampa Bay Lightning 


All the other playoff spots have been claimed, but there is still some seeding to work out:


North: #1 Toronto Maple Leafs vs #4 Winnipeg Jets/Montreal Canadiens; #2 Edmonton Oilers vs #3 Montreal Canadiens/Winnipeg Jets


West: #1 Vegas Golden Knights/Colorado Avalanche vs #4 St Louis Blues; #2 Knights/Avs/Minnesota Wild vs #3 Wild/Avs


Playoffs start Saturday, May 15th 

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