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Huskers vs Minnesota

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There is a significant difference between being unhappy with a performance and the sky-is-falling, dogs-and-cats-living-together, why-don't-we-even-care-about-playing irrational diatribe you went on.

7 hours ago, hskrfan4life said:

How is everyone's feelings for these two games? I'm nervous as hell.

Yea, I’m nervous too. Minnesota has played a much tougher schedule and looked good so far and we have looked less than stellar against weaker teams. 

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Question the point that got it to a deuce in the 3rd set and why they didn't challenge it as that was too close and probably needed a second look (none of the replays had a good enough angle to confirm definitively).


Edit: Hate to complain about the refs, but that challenge on the pancake in the 4th not being overturned was BS. The way the team reacted after it happened was telling.

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Honestly they played terrible. Smiling and having a good time in the first set when they was down like 5 points. It does not appear that they take it serous enough. All I am asking is for the day of the game you get into game mode and stay that way until the job is done. I am tired of our teams showing their a$$ on the basketball court the football field the diamond and now it is leaking over to the volleyball court. I know that our coaches are serious about winning why are our players lackadaisical on game day?

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47 minutes ago, RichardHangslow said:

 I know that our coaches are serious about winning why are our players lackadaisical on game day?

I don't think it is fair to lob this criticism toward John Cook. The guy knows how to have the girls ready to play. 

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