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My New Recipe For Fried Chicken/Pic

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The taste of the chicken is better than what the picture looks like.  I let it fry for 8 minutes before turning it over, but, I should if checked it earlier.  Next time I fry it, I will start it at 325 degrees and go from there instead of 350 degrees.  This is my favorite chicken so far that I have made.  I just copies it from my notes and to my friends in facebook.


I tried a new recipe for fried chicken legs for dinner last night and it was really good.  I will fry it this way from now on.


It all started when I was getting the 
chicken legs out to fry and I found out that I didn’t have any flour!  Ugh!  Then I remembered an episode on diners drive ins and dives where they had used self rising flour and I was lucky enough to have that, so then I found the recipe, but, I changed it up some to  suit my preference.


Anyway, here is the recipe I used...I just copied it from my recipe folder that I have in my phone.


Fried Chicken:


Use 7 chicken legs-(1/2 of a large pkg.)

In the morning, rinse the chicken legs in colander.


Put the chicken legs in a large bowl.

Cover the chicken legs with water; add some ice and some salt.


Refrigerate for several hours.


When ready to fry the chicken legs, add 2 eggs and 4 T. water to a bowl; whisk.


Using large Tupperware container, add 2

Cups Self Rising Flour, Garlic Salt, pepper and some Seasoned Salt; stir.


Dip the chicken legs in the egg and water mixture, then back into the flour.  Put lid back on and shake again to coat.






Let the chicken legs rest for 5 minutes or so; this helps the coating to stick better.

Use an electric skillet! 


Heat some oil in the electric skillet to desired temperature; 325 degrees.

***I started the oil at 350 degrees, but, next time I make it, I will try 325 degrees and go from there!


Check the oil by dropping in a little bit of flour; if it sizzles, Add the chicken legs; season some more while frying.


Fry for 6-8 minutes; check to see if the legs are golden brown on the bottom.  

If they are, then turn the chicken legs over and fry the other side until it’s golden brown.


When it’s ready, put the legs on a paper towel- lined plate.




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