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Thunderin' Bolts @ Iowa

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Top of the 1st:

Acker walks

Acker to second, on passed ball

Hallmark walks

Schwellenbach flies out, Acker to third

Chick flies out, Acker scores, 1-0 Huskers!

Anderson flies out


1 run, 0 hits, 1 left on base

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Bottom of the 9th: Fly out Fly out Fly out   HUSKERS WIN! HUSKERS WIN! HUSKERS WIN! NEBRASKA WINS 10-8!

Bottom of the 9th: Strikeout Walk Groundout Fly out!   HUSKERS WIN, HUSKERS WIN, HUSKERS WIN! NEBRASKA WINS 13-8!

Top of the 2nd:

Everitt flies out

Hagge triples

Steil triples, 2-3 Iowa!

Roskam doubles, 3-3 TIE!

Acker pops out

Hallmark singles, Roskam to third

Schwellenbach walks

Chick walks, 4-3 Huskers!

Anderson singles, Schwellenbach scores, Hallmark scores, 6-3 Huskers!

Balk, Chick scores, Anderson to second, 7-3 Huskers!

Cervantes walks

Hagge strikes out


5 runs, 5 hits, 2 left on base

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Top of the 4th:

Hallmark singles

Error on a throw to first, 8-4 Huskers, Hallmark scores!

Schwellenbach grounds out

Chick grounds out

Anderson reaches on error

Steil flies out


1 run, 1 hit, 1 left on base

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Top of the 7th:

Solo homerun Roskam! 12-6 Huskers!

Acker ground out

Hallmark strikes out

Schwellenbach singles

Chick doubles, Schwellenbach scores! 13-6 Huskers!

Anderson grounds out


2 runs, 3 hits, 1 left on base

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