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OG Valen Erickson [Missouri Commit]

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1 hour ago, Kayak said:

Huskers have averaged about one reach on OL every year for a while.  Unfortunately this probably isn’t the class to continue the tradition with such limited numbers 

Others here in the forum with more insight into OL talent and development speak highly of him.  And obviously, the coaches say the same thing.  Yet, as you have stated, this has been found to be true [at least from my facts and the eye ball test.

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4 hours ago, BigRedN said:

Yep, here we are again in a "hopefully".  May there a day where there is a bedrock and foundation where is there is a bit more certainty.

that is literally all we have had over the last several years. We "hope" we are better this year. 

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Big frame, good feet. Does a good job of fitting up on the second level. Big boy trying to skip pull and keep his hips squared up.  If this kid didn’t need the weight room we wouldn’t get him. We are young and experienced up front with 4 of the 5 spots. Get a kid that needs to get stronger and can develop. 

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56 minutes ago, macroboy said:


The crootin rankings have been pretty good haven't they?

Although I cannot dispute your comment about the results.

They’ve been inflated by getting one decent guy and 2 projects a year. This year is putrid. someone else said above…minimal prospects. Plus a terrible on field product 

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