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** 2021 Opponent Previews : Iowa (Game 12) **

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Their defense is legit, but that offense is atrocious. I like Goodson, and that's about all it has going for it. What's annoying is with their schedule, they could ride the defense all the way through the year - then they'd get boat raced in either the Big Ten championship or their bowl game. Penn State might get them before that. But some team will turn the tables by scoring their own defensive TDs and making a couple plays on offense. If you get them down by 2 scores and then avoid a defensive/special teams score, it's over.

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On 9/15/2021 at 8:39 PM, Caliborn72 said:

Maybe it’s bias but I think Iowa is a touch overrated so far. But these guys are the real deal:




Most around here believe that you are right. They have a decent team, but nowhere near a #5 rated team. Defense won the first 2 games, and they will definitely win more for the Hawks, but to really rack up some wins, the offense needs to get moving, and I do not think that will happen in a big way.  A team has to score in order to win. Look at the stats, the ISU game was won with almost no offense. After having the nations toughest first 2 games (according to polls, if you trust those) Iowa will be favored in all but 1 or 2 remaining games (no, not the Nebraska game) 

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