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2021 Spring Game - May 1st @ 1:00 CDT

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Wow some of you watched a different Spring Game than me today!   If you didn't see the O Line moving people off the ball, if you didn't see a group of hungry running backs, if you didn't see

I honestly don't understand why some of you watch or care about this team if you're determined to be negative all the time. Has to be a miserable way to be a sports fan, but to each his own.  

This should be Frost's best team since coming to Nebraska. Hopefully a "breakout" season to a bowl game and keep building from there. LOS looked a lot better than it has in years. Finally some depth g

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Despite the injuries and the guys sitting out, I'm feeling a bit more confident in the RB room after watching this. Lots of shiftiness in that group, and Yant is a thumper.

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4 minutes ago, knapplc said:

Nash Hutmacher shuts down the 4th-down run and the White team gets another red zone stop.


Getting worried about the red zone offense being an issue again...

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Looks like they're showing a bit of everyone at RB. Have they run Nixon out of the backfield yet?

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4 minutes ago, knapplc said:

Nance isn't having a great game at WR. One catch and a fancy move, but he got caught holding on the edge earlier, and he just whiffed on a block.

Doesn’t look like he’s gained much weight which he needs.

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5 minutes ago, mwj98 said:

We need to change the music. This is brutal


1 minute ago, Scarlet said:

Like deep six it altogether


Gotta be happy about Freddy Mercury.

Free Lazzari's plug there by Kenny Bell.  :lol:

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12 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Maybe they realized the mistake of bulking Adrian up too much prior to his sophomore year. He has much more wiggle and elusiveness at a lower weight.

Couldnt agree more. 

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