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Renaming Thread/Categories/Edited!

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I will post recipes in categories so they don’t clump up the board and they will be organized.  By doing this, it will be easier for you all and it will benefit me.  I will be able to check easier to see if the recipe has already been posted or not. This old lady is trying her best to make everyone happy.  If you don’t care for the recipes, scroll on by, but, I hope someone on this board appreciates them. I came up with the name, Roxy’s Kitchen Chatter because it sounds more personal to me then go big red recipes.  Anyone can contribute recipes and it just isn’t about me!  We are a family when it comes to loving the Nebraska Cornhuskers so let’s pretend we are all in my kitchen 

talking what to make for the big game!  


That is partly how I came up with the name!  You can pass on by if you don’t care to look at the recipes, there are plenty of other things to read on this board! 


You won’t be able to tell if I posted a new recipe...you will just have to look in the categories and see if there is something new.


***I prefer to post recipes with pictures. If you don’t see a picture of the recipe, it’s because I had to delete attachments.


I have been really sick the last few days and I have hardly slept or ate anything. I am sorry for any pain that I have caused any of you!  It’s been a very long week!  I came into husker board to get my mind off stuff and I have been grumpy.  I apologize to you all!

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Very sorry to hear you've been under the weather.  I hope you're feeling better! 


I've never had a problem with your recipes clogging up the board.  But they might be better organized if you'd start one thread for each category.   For example, the "Roxy pasta thread".  You could put all your pasta recipes into one thread.   That way you would only have a handful of threads which would stay on the front page of the Recipe forum.  


Just a suggestion.  :)

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Ty!  I was planning on doing that.  Each recipe will be put into the category that they belong in...appetizers, dips, bread etc.    


i am feeling better ty!  


I appreciate suggestions!  I want to do what is right!



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