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Thunderin' Bolts vs. Rutgers

How will Nebraska fare?  

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Friday, April 30 (6:30 PM)
Pitching: LHP Cade Povich (4-1) vs. LHP Harry Rutkowski (2-2)
TV/Streaming: BTN+
Radio: Husker Sports Network
Saturday, May 1 (4 PM)
Pitching: RHP Chance Hroch (3-1) vs. LHP Ben Wereski (5-2)
TV/Streaming: BTN+
Radio: Husker Sports Network
Sunday, May 2 (Noon)
Pitching: RHP Shay Schanaman (4-0) vs. RHP Brent Teller (2-2)
TV/Streaming: BTN+
Radio: Husker Sports Network


Rutgers is currently 7th in the Big Ten at 14-13, they just won a series on the road against Michigan.


Rutgers is currently hitting .250 (9th), 37 (2nd) HRs, 260 (10th) Ks, 102 (10th) BBs, .964 (8th) fielding percentage.


Pitching wise they have a 4.34 (5th) ERA, 81 (1st) BBs, 217 (11th) Ks, .248 (6th) opponent BA


Nebraska is 1st in the Big Ten at 20-7, and just won a series against Michigan State.


Nebraska is currently hitting .285 (2nd), 33 (5th) HRs, 250 (6th) Ks, 140 (3rd) BBs, .980 (1st) fielding percentage.


Pitching wise we have a 3.72 (3rd), 82 (2nd) BBs,  251 (6th) Ks, .245 (5th) opponent BA


Indiana (2nd) plays Iowa


Michigan plays Northwestern & Illinois

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From the Rutgers Rivals forum


Maybe it is just the difference in experience, but the difference in the lineups today was that Michigan was terrific when behind in the count. They did most of their damage with two strikes – – all the key base hits came with two strikes and less than three balls, including five of the six RBI. The other RBI was on a sac fly. Stanavitch looked so sharp striking out the first two batters and getting ahead of the next three. But they just managed to go with the pitch and slap singles. the last inning, UM struck out the side — with one strike three taken right down the middle and two swinging strikeouts on balls well out of the strike zone. Today was just the difference between a talented and mature lineup vs. a talented and young lineup.


Tweet about Rutgers Saturday pitcher.


Interesting comment about the Saturday B1G broadcast:



Just turned on BTN+ to watch. Again very disappointed in what the other schools produce for their home games. I can't believe that Michigan doesn't have enough money to provide announcers for their broadcast. Ran into this many times with other teams. Try watching WSOC, WLAX Softball and Field Hockey with no announcers. Sometimes they only have fixed cameras. I just don't understand. When we were asked to join the B1G we were told we had to upgrade our broadcast facilities. That's done, so can the rest of the league upgrade theirs to be as good as ours?
Rant done ---- for now.


Glad to see I'm not the only one sick of the B1G Ten's demands on the schools and then a lack of concern in the actual coverage. BTN is horrible. Actually, horrible isn't a strong enough word. Even horrendous doesn't fully indicate my distaste for BTN.


Finally.. A Sunday Fan Quote following the game on Sunday.


Great win!

I looked ahead to see when the playoffs are but found that the baseball teams continue to play weekend series against one another for another month or more. Is there no B1G championship series?

It's a shame that RU blew the two weekends against PSU and Iowa. Had those gone better, RU could still be playing for the B1G regular season title.

Overall, a very nice 3-1 weekend for RU in Ann Arbor. The results this spring, particularly against OSU, MSU, PSU, and Michigan demonstrate that RU overall now has a B1G level athletic program.


This weekends series will not be an easy win. Hopefully Haymarket will be loud and supportive.

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