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Most Indispensable Huskers

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Most Indispensable Huskers  (according to Husker247)


1.  ??

2.  ??

3.  ??




15.  Nick Henrich, middle linebacker

16.  Casey Rogers, defensive lineman

17.  Oliver Martin, wide receiver

18.  Garrett Nelson, sophomore outside linebacker

19.  Bryce Benhart, redshirt freshman right tackle

20. Chris Kolarevic, junior middle linebacker  

21. Markese Stepp, sophomore running back  



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Here’s my Top 5 of who I think are the most important guys to the team—that is, the key players for us having a successful year. (Note: Their years (jr., sr. etc.) are the same as last year due to the Covid waiver.) 


1.  QB Adrian  Martinez, Jr.:  Duh. 

2.  CB Cam Taylor-Britt, Jr.:  Best coverage guy we got.

3.  OLB  JoJo Domann, RS Sr.:  Hardest hitting guy on the team, and team leader for tackles.  He’s gonna knock some heads this year.

4.  C Cam Jurgens, RS Soph:  Fourth year in the program.  He masters the center position this year.  He’s the bell cow of the O-line. 

5.  PK & KO Connor Culp, Grad Transfer: Kicker with a big leg, and one of the most important guys on the team.  A lot of Husker fans don’t even know his name.  They will. 



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49 minutes ago, NUance said:

Most Indispensable Huskers: D-line representation at No. 16


At No. 16: Casey Rogers, defensive lineman  link


Very impressed with Rogers last year.  There aren't too many guys that I never expect to really contribute but if I had to pick someone, he would have been one.  But he made quite a few plays last year.

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