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2021-2022 Season Notes

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I typically never relay a story like this.  But, I thought it was pretty cool and noteworthy.  

I'm on the road for business and last night, I was sitting at a bar eating supper.  I get to talking to the guy beside me and we get to talking about sports.  He finds out I'm from Nebraska and asks if I'm a Husker hoops fan.  I say, "of course".  He tells me that Fred is one if his absolute favorite coaches in college right now.  Come to find out, this guy used to coach BB at one of the elite prep programs.  He now coaches an elite AAU team and does private training of top talent.  He showed me probably 4-6 pictures of him with various players from top college programs and even the NBA that he has worked with.


So....we get to talking about Nebraska. Supposedly, he has trained both McGowen brothers.  He's from Pittsburg so he also knew Stevenson.  


He said both are very good, but flat out said that the younger McGowen is an absolute stud and both of them combined at Nebraska with Fred was going to do some very good things for the program.  He also was not surprised that Stevenson wasn't with the program anymore.  He said that he's watched what other kids Fred has brought in around the McGowens and he has been very impressed.


Anyway, this has gotten me drinking the kool-aid laced with vodka by the gallons.

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CJ Wilcher — 0 

Quaran McPherson — 3

Jackson Cronin* — 4

Bryce McGowens — 5


Sam Hoiberg* — 12

Keon Edwards — 23

Keisei Tominaga — 30 

Wilhelm Breidenbach — 32


Oleg Kojenets — 33




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