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B1G Allegations

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7 hours ago, man eating mastodon said:

Win the big and split,  these goofy racist sex offenders have nothing Nebraska really needs .Sad thing is I doubt anything will happen to Michigan from the media 

Willing to bet many other programs/conferences have similar skeletons in the closet.


And, in today's world (rightfully so), Michigan is going to be TORCHED in the media

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50 minutes ago, Lorewarn said:

Hopefully there's nothing to be found like this in regards to Osborne.

Honestly, I would lose all hope for ANY persona I dont know personally where my own judgement points are what I see/hear from external (out of my inner circle) sources...I mean I'm 99% there already but Osborne is one of a couple standing pillars that I dont need, moreso want, to see fall 

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And I’m sure Michigan felt the same.
Until I read the part where Matt, his adopted son, claimed Bo punched him in the chest across the kitchen when informed of his molestation, they might not have believed it either. 

l know we have our public s#!t w scandals and allegations over 40-50 yrs, but I really hope we don’t have what a lot of the allegations that seem to be affecting these other B1G schools; namely that the Head Coach, AD, and Administration were informed/knew and did nothing. 

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DONU also has many sexual misconduct allegations that have been swept under the rug. Granted, not by an administrator but wrong is wrong. I'm glad current & former players, current/former victims, current/former family members are now not shunned for coming forth but actually encouraged. As someone already stated, all programs have skeletons in the closets and every coach (including TO) do as well. Just think back to Barry Switzer.

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