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WBB: 2021-22 Season Notes

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21 minutes ago, ActualCornHusker said:

Clark is really something. And the last 2 days have been a humbling experience for Alexis Markowski. Hopefully this lights a fire under her to work on her footwork. 


And it's disappointing watching them struggle against Iowa's zone defense. Not enough dribble penetration

She is a phenom, take nothing away from her skill - she just gets bailed out by the refs a ton and is a whiner when things don’t go her way. 

Truth about Markowski. 

Nebraska couldn’t shoot tonight and take advantage of Iowas sluggish start before Clark got hot. 

Last comment, Iowa girl should know that laying on someone’s leg is gonna result in a forceful removal, some good acting there. 

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Clark is terrific.....there is no doubt about her passion and skill. But for me, the whining and complaining detract from her overall impact. She's plenty special with out it. And yes, she does get a ton of favorable calls from the refs.....

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20 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

She’s a good player ….but…..this gets old. 



Lol.  Dribbling is optional when you’re the star player on the fav team!   That’d awful.  Just baby steps but it gives the offense player a big advantage when you can save your dribble for a future time and place!   

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