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QB Dylan Raiola [Georgia Commit]

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1 minute ago, gossamorharpy said:

He most certainly did. 


Ryan Day could very well build a similar powerhouse that can be sustained.  History says tho that typically you don't when you follow a generational coach which urban easily falls in that bucket 


Tressel (Fickel) -> Urban -> Day


That looks like a nice succession to me. OSU has really been lucky when it comes to coaching hires.


However, I am not one that thinks OSU will win the NC every year. Alabama really ruined what people's expectations are for a program. I am not going to go nuts if OSU loses 2 games in a year. 


Day isn't Urban or Saban and that is alright to me.

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It’s still early. It doesn’t necessarily mean he goes to OSU.  Decommitments are not uncommon. It may depend on how Frost does next season. His team could go anywhere from 3-9 to 10-2. That is how uncertain this 2022 teams is.  It probably be somewhere in between. 

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22 hours ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

From what I've heard we weren't even in his Top 5. Sounds like he visited mainly as a courtesy to his dad.


Not much of a surprise and realistically why would the #1 player in the nation go to a perennial cellar dweller like NU has become even with the legacy factor figured in.

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From Hail Varsity. A pretty damning commentary if it is true.





>> The Huskers lost out on 5-star 2024 legacy quarterback Dylan Raiola when he committed to Ohio State. The question I’ve gotten from people around the Big Ten and in Nebraska is how this could happen.


It’s not as simple as saying Ohio State is the better program right now. That’s true but it’s more about the why they are a better program. Sources tell me that the Raiola family found Ohio State’s operation to be more detailed oriented and has a better plan for the quarterback’s future. Coach Ryan Day was a big positive in the Buckeyes’ favor. It helps the Buckeyes but that they have a lot more recent success to prove that plan. Nebraska had a better chance with Raiola than most people give it credit for. They just didn’t do a great job of keeping the foot on the gas in the recruitment.


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On 5/14/2022 at 8:58 AM, Dogs In A Pile said:


I'm not surprised about the better plan for the future at least. Whipple is a selling point for a transfer QB like Thompson, but there's a better chance he's retired by the time Raiola steps on campus than the chance of him being here for Raiola's whole career. The detail oriented piece stings more, but again not surprising. OSU puts guys in the league, and can point out to their last 2 QBs going in the top half of the first round. I think we're past the point where Mariota is a selling point for Frost. I would guess we had a plan, but without any proof that it works it's going to seem flimsy.

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On 5/14/2022 at 8:58 AM, Dogs In A Pile said:

Name the actual sources...


There is a new Co-OC and offensive staff. Of course it may not look and feel like OSU's pitch. OSU has had huge success...especially when compared to what the Huskers have done under Frost. The fact of the matter is, OSU sends QBs to the league, but they have yet to really produce/live up to what they did in college.


I feel some of these reporters will constantly take pot shots at Frost just to rally the naysayers up.

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