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Huskers NIL Promotions

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I'm wondering if the NIL changes won't keep some players in college longer.  For the majority of CFB players, the NFL isn't that likely, so making some money while staying in school (also paid for) might seem like a better deal, especially if those players can make a pretty good $ on the NIL deals.

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1 hour ago, suh_fan93 said:


He says the above link is bad.  Looks like his mom posted the good/working link.



Just me, but I’d rather support guys this way. Eliminates the middle man and build rapport between players and fans. 

apparently the sites getting a lot of traffic. Is this how we “show up” now? 

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5 hours ago, hunter49 said:



it will affect recruiting too, in a new financial way.

all about me, not so much the team.



Belonging to a team or group that gives you value and acceptance and belonging is a great thing to have in life, but can be exploitive or abusive if 'the team' demands that you sacrifice your own ability to succeed or if the team's success is opposed to your own.

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9 hours ago, Stone Cold said:

I guess we just need to buy (er) recruit better players to our offerings for the NIL.  We should be able to do better than Martinez, get us some 5 star stud to come here.

 Or maybe get a 3 Star Like Brock Purdy and develop him. Not sure if Iowa State was just great at identifying talent- or developing it. Maybe it's their monster facilities or huge home crowds. Their recruiting class was ranked 59th last year- and was in the 50s in 2017-  but their team is ranked #7 in the Polls now- seems like they may be pretty good at both identifying talent and developing it too. Kind of like the teams we out recruit every year but cant seem to beat- Northwestern, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota etc etc  Mario's the best though- he cant be beat, hes the greatest. https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2021/07/17/greg-gaines-announces-commitment-to-iowa-state-football/

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