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What Games Do the Huskers Win in 2021?

Predicting the Huskers' Record  

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Since the seasons is getting closer (next month!) and this seems to be cropping up more and more, it's time for the annual look at what HuskerBoard expects this year.


Traditionally, we've been pretty good at identifying which games are locks, which are lost causes and which are toss-ups.  I suspect there may be more variation this year.


What say you?

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I know I'm delusional, but went with 9-3. We're not beating Oklahoma or Ohio State, but can beat everyone else on the schedule. We could also lose to most of them. I have our 3rd loss as Michigan, just feels like we drop at least one of Michigan/Northwestern/Minnesota - one of the solid teams that have a lot of questions.


And we probably drop (at least) one of Iowa/Wisconsin, but I couldn't bring myself to choose one as a loss. Those are the 2 games I want the most - maybe Minnesota too. With all of those being division games I guess it's a sign that we're settling into the Big Ten West? So realistically, 8-4 or 7-5 is what I'm hoping for. But 9-3 is what I picked, and all it would really take is not shooting ourselves in the foot. Which is asking a lot, but whatever.

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I voted 6-6. We will lose to Oklahoma and Ohio State. Barring some miraculous turnaround in team culture, coaching and on-field play, those two are definitely losses. 


The only games I'm comfortable picking as sure wins are Fordham and Buffalo. 


I think, aside from those two guaranteed wins, we can pick up four wins from:



Michigan State








We should beat Illinois, Northwestern & Purdue every year. We should beat Michigan State this year. We've played Iowa to within one score each of the last three years. We should have beaten Minnesota last year. The potential for significantly more wins is there on the schedule. 


It feels like Frosts teams are close, but are often their own worst enemy. With a greater focus on Special Teams and just fixing our own mistakes, pulling four wins out of those eight games isn't crazy. 


We just need to see them do it on the field before I'll be confident making W/L predictions.


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This has been one of the strangest off seasons ever for me. I have no earthly idea what to expect. Anything from 2-10 to 9-3 seems totally plausible. If the team continues with dumb penalties, turnovers, snaps flying over the QB's head... 5-7 or 6-6 seems like a reasonable ceiling. If the defense is as salty as some might think and if some of the new faces on offense (Stepp, Toure, Manning) are as advertised, I could see this team making some noise and going 9-3. 


Ohio State and Oklahoma are losses. Though anything is possible, Fordham and Buffalo should be wins. That's 2-2, leaving Illinois, Mich St, NW, Mich, Minn, Purdue, Wis and Iowa which I see as a mix of 50/50 games, and probable losses.


50/50 - Illinois, Mich St, NW, Purdue, Iowa. I wouldn't be shocked if we beat any of these teams, nor would I be shocked if we lost to any of these teams. Illinois is transitioning to a new staff. Purdue and NW lost a ton of key guys. Mich St just doesn't really scare me. We've taken Iowa down to the wire for three years straight. We're due for the ball to bounce our way for a change. 


Probable Loss - Mich, Minn, Wis. I hesitated on putting Minnesota in this group because I wouldn't be shocked if we beat them, but as much as it pains me to say it, Fleck has some momentum up there. Beating any of these three wouldn't shock me, but I think they just have too much horsepower for us at the moment. At best we nab a W from one of these 3. 


I went with 7-5. Wins over Illinois, Fordham, Buffalo, Mich St, NW, Purdue and Iowa. The first half of the season bodes well for accumulating some W's. Starting 3-0 would be huge and is absolutely doable. I think we ride that momentum into wins against Mich St and NW, with wins against Purdue and Iowa to round out the year. 


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Something clicked last night and I just got very excited for the season. So I went full homer in this poll and picked 9-3 with our only losses coming to Oklahoma, Michigan and Ohio State. 


If I can be so bold, I think Nebraska beats Illinois very comfortably, then goes on and beats Fordham and Buffalo with scores like old Nebraska use to give lesser opponents. This creates a lot of hype and excitement for the Oklahoma game and Oklahoma beats us soundly.

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Nebraska should do very well this year. Scott's 4th year. We've had a full and normal offseason. Adrian's basically a senior. Lots of positives to point to, but it's all so unproven. You have to do it. We've talked this to death. Nebraska is without excuse if it is non-competitive in the division this year. You could write a book on this division... and the title would have to be "How the West was WEAK."  Wisky is the best and they are not competitive against the Bucks.

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This Huskers team is too good.  Really, really good returning players with tons of experience.


7-2 in B1G, win the west


OU/OSU speak for themselves

Schedule isn't too dificult

Michigan is 8-7 during the last 2 years in conference play, Northwestern is 7-9, Illinois is 6-11, MSU is 6-10, Purdue is 5-10.  

Road games are normally challenging (as history recalls) but I only see 2 out of four (Golden Gophers and the Badgers) being a little difficult.  And we got 8 home games in Lincoln with a full house. 

Minnesota is 10-6 last 2 seasons (but this game is winnable every year).


Wisconsin is 10-5 (They've lost games, and the Huskers are too good to fear them)


And Iowa is 12-5 in conference the last 2 years...(sloww clapp......I guess).


(BTW I love the Huskers vs Iowa in Lincoln, on super senior day!)


So yeah, 9-3 overall and 7-2 in conference.  


This team has too many great super seniors ready to go in year 4 under Frost.  They will be gone next year, so I feel this year going to be special. 


And don't forget, they want that 2018 Michigan re-do as much as anything. Plus in case you don't know,  Michigan kinda sucks.


Worse case for the Huskers,  8-4.


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