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Trev Alberts named new Husker AD - 11 a.m. press conference

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21 minutes ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

Trev should do his job as he see's fit. If Trev thinks Frost needs a couple more years, by all means that should be the case. If after this season or after 2022 he see's major red flags and has seen enough - he should move forward with a new coach. Zero reason to go in to this with a plan to keep a football coach (or any coach) for X amount of time. 

I agree.  But, I also believe that Trev isn't going to be a guy that comes in and thinks he immediately needs "his guy".  I think he would be extremely happy if Frost stays and is very successful.  He also will ultimately make the difficult decision if that needs to be made.

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So, apparently this deal was done quite quickly, perhaps negating Warren's ability to travel to Lincoln.


But I'm just saying - he attended the announcement of Northwestern's new AD. 


Maybe this shows how important it is to win The Battle for NU.  



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6 minutes ago, Undone said:


This is a good take.


I just tend to believe that Frost is roughly as competent at turning things around from this point forward (or even in 2022ish) than anybody else we could bring in...and then endure yet another 3-4 years of rebuild period, etc.

I think Trev will give Frost a fair shake. They share a mentor. I think if Trev cuts the cord early (as perceived by fans) there was something he had seen that made him think it just wouldn't work out. IF (big IF) Frost is fired after this season, it will make me believe that it wasn't about W/L, but something Trev will have seen behind the scenes that gave him doubts that Frost has the right stuff to turn it around. 

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25 minutes ago, Mavric said:


There is one metric that - if viewed in a vaccuum - could be used to draw this conclusion.  There are a bunch of others that would say exactly the opposite.

Care to expand? 


I think the national narrative of Husker football is at a pretty historic low, but that's just my opinion. Because of the record, the opponents they lose to, and the off the field bizzareness - trying to back out of OU amongst others - I feel like things are heading in a worse direction under Frost.


The inevitable divorce between Frost and Nebraska will be ugly, especially from the fans.

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