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So NU SHould Have Went Back to the Big 12?

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6 hours ago, MLB 51 said:

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'FA PIRK Dirk Chatelain @dirkchatelain Kevin Warren: "How are we ever going to keep pace with SEC football if they add Oklahoma and Texas?" 11:04 AM. .23 Jul 21 Intern: "How bout Kansas." Twitter Web App'

How about Kansas and Texas A&M? 

The SEC doesn’t have a GOR*, and members are free to go, after all. And A&M’s spite carried them to the SEC—it could carry them to the B1G just as easily. 

And the B1G was willing to abandon the contiguous footprint idea when it toyed with Georgia Tech and North Carolina as potential expansion targets, not unlike what we’re seeing with certain PAC-12 schools willing to talk. 

Plus A&M was part of the original five-team plan in 2010 to move to the B1G (until they got greedy), so they’re already a vetted quantity to the B1G offices. 

And hey, it will probably mean someone like Iowa State or Kansas State would get a SEC invite and be spared too. Because neither school is getting a B1G invite—they don’t expand the footprint or the cache of Football or Basketball. 

Otherwise…I wonder what the GOR is like for Colorado and the PAC-12…because that’s really the only other quality add. ACC is locked down, doubt any other SEC teams would flip, and there’s no one else in the Big XII worth picking up (quit with the garbage Iowa State or Oklahoma State suggestions, FFS). 

*While there isn’t a GOR set up at the Conference level (like B1G or Big XII has), there are media agreements with ESPN that will be tricky and costly to unwind. Not impossible…just cumbersome. 


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On a selfish level I'd be fine having Kansas and ISU.... rather them than Maryland and Rutgers. And they make some geographic sense. There's not really any big fish out there except Notre Dame and I don't think they want to tether themselve to anybody.


I don't think anybody else really makes sense without going way outside the midwest, and I can't see us adding someone from the west coast or the Atlantic seaboard.


I'd think Oklahoma St would be pretty ticked off... not sure where they could go.



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14 minutes ago, teachercd said:

I love that this is so important to them that they are waiting, until Monday, evening.


Are those commas intended to be read in the Shatnerian manner? Or more Walkenesque? :cowbell:

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56 minutes ago, teachercd said:

I love that this is so important to them that they are waiting, until Monday, evening.  Classic

To be honest, they’re doing research and communicating behind the scenes. They just want to make sure before they go public and put the SEC on full blast, they have their ducks in a row. 

And the commas are obviously Shatneresque. 

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12 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:

I have wondered if the B1G has ever talked to Vanderbilt.  Not that we want them now, but it is the one school that doesn't seem to fit in the SEC.  It really is a B1G type of school.

Yup. As was Georgia Tech and North Carolina from the ACC. 

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2 hours ago, CheeseHusker said:


I'd think Oklahoma St would be pretty ticked off... not sure where they could go.

Maybe they should have thought of that before casting their lot with T. Boones Farms Pickens and his garbage family. 

I don’t think anyone will be sympathetic to them while they’re continuing to suckle at that teat. 

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