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So NU SHould Have Went Back to the Big 12?

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52 minutes ago, admo said:

I don't want to see a 20 team SEC either.  With the addition of OU and Texas, it makes weekend games more interesting.  But, it will hurt the landscape of college football playoffs, and I'm not OK with that. 


Agreed.  Watering down the best conference isn't good for Football.  OU and Texas add excitement.  Not many other programs can do that, not programs that are willing to move anyway.

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1 hour ago, floridacorn said:


True, but Gainsville & the surrounding area is definitely deep south


1 hour ago, Saunders said:

Florida is the only state that the further north you travel, the further south you get.


That's why Miami to the SEC makes no cultural sense.  OF course culture flew the coop a long time ago when ESPN started building conferences that put Missouri in the South and West Virginia in the prairie. 

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1 hour ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

yeah I've heard the panhandle is just south Alabama.  I've driven through but not spent any time there.

Just spent a week in Pensacola - definitely didn't have the deep south feel.  It was more like key west but it could just be the touristy areas we were hanging out in.  

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2 hours ago, Nebraska55fan said:


Yes, commenting on spelling and grammar errors always seem to be a great way to help develop threads and credibility. 



I can't tell if you're saying someone pointed out the grammar error or not because you gone off on a short tangent.

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16 minutes ago, Hilltop said:

Just spent a week in Pensacola - definitely didn't have the deep south feel.  It was more like key west but it could just be the touristy areas we were hanging out in.  


Panhandle is the Redneck Riviera- totally different vibe. Central time zone, beachy but conservative, old Florida feel. Lived there 6 years- great spot. 

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Texas is beyond delusional. Until you've lived there and listened to it, you wouldn't believe it. An embarrassment of riches. They spend 10s of millions more than their competitors, are in a state with the most DI players at their doorstep yet they've won what ONE National Title in the last 50 years?


"Even with its attitude causing four original members to bolt, Texas still would be in the Big 12 had it just won enough. Since Texas won the Big 12 in 2009, Oklahoma (a bunch), Baylor (x2), TCU, Kansas State and Oklahoma State have won the league. The decimated Big 12 didn’t preclude schools with fewer resources from winning.

Instead, Texas had quite possibly the worst performance relative to resources in the history of college football. Texas makes the most money in college sports. It made zero playoffs"



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