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So NU SHould Have Went Back to the Big 12?

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2 hours ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

OF course culture flew the coop a long time ago when ESPN started building conferences that put Missouri in the South and West Virginia in the prairie. 



Missouri is a total culture fit with Kentucky and Arkansas and Council Bluffs. 

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11 hours ago, Cdog923 said:


I generally teach the regions of the US as defined by the census bureau: 



People in OR and WA do not consider themselves to be the "West", but the "Northwest".  I should know, I used to live there.  The Union states went as far West as Minnesota and Iowa.  No way will I ever consider Ohio, Indiana and Michigan as the "middle" of the USA.  Illinois and Wisconsin COULD qualify, but that pesky landmark/boarder called the Great Mississippi is still to their West. Back in the day that river was seen as a divider between the East and West, crossing it meant you were now in the Wild Wild West.  Why people want to abandon it, makes no sense to me. 

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2 hours ago, Lorewarn said:



Missouri is a total culture fit with Kentucky and Arkansas and Council Bluffs. 

Thats Counciltucky.  Councilbama is also accepted.  

3 hours ago, The Murphinator said:


Here comes the big 12 drama train, right on schedule. 

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2 hours ago, Nebraska55fan said:

Even A&M is voting the longwhores in. Even the Aggies bow down to the almighty dollar for their hated rival and lose their stranglehold on texas High School recruits who want to play in the SEC> 



Eh, probably just means that they know there aren't enough votes to block it, so they're going along with the 'unanimous' official vote among existing members. Keeping up appearances for the conference, toeing the line to make it look like everybody's happy with this.

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4 hours ago, Nebraska55fan said:

Texas is beyond delusional. Until you've lived there and listened to it, you wouldn't believe it. 



I live in Texas, and for most of my life, holmes.  Millions and Millions and Millions do too.


You need to check yo' self before you wreck yo' self.  What you are saying and spreading around is inaccurate.  Stop hating and stirring up bulls#!t. 

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