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So NU SHould Have Went Back to the Big 12?

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11 minutes ago, captain_sasquatch said:

I think a great addition to the B1G would be Mizzou and KU. I have Mizzou more than any of our current rivals so I'd love to see us play them again. KU has hoops and is AAU.


I don't think Iowa State is a great addition. B1G is going to be looking at $$$ and they don't bring a TV market. KU and Mizzou would bring KC and STL. Might be tough to convince Mizzou to leave the SEC, though.


Best case scenario for the B1G would be ND and KU out of this, imo. That being said my dream would be OU and Mizzou to the B1G.



KUs recent scandals will fit in very well with the BIG. Almost like they should have been here already.

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With the TAMU opposition to this UT to SEC talk would it be possible or likely that the B1O would aim at TAMU, MIZZ, and maybe a contingency of the big 12 teams? Would they make a place for OK State and offer a better deal to TAMU and MIZZ if it meant being able to snag Oklahoma? 

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@FrantzHardySwag I mean, this isn't exactly a surprise. If you've been following things, this is pretty much how it's been expected to play out for a long time now - the next round of conference realignment would happen with the end of the Big 12's current media contracts. Oklahoma in particular has been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation.


Thread from three years ago:


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This is total nonsense and just daydreaming, but if the B1G went to a 16 team super conference I'd like to see it like so:


Get rid of rutgers and maryland and add Pitt and Notre Dame (you add solid historic rivalries for PSU/Mich/MSU and keep your same current number of AAU schools). Then go after Kansas and Missouri, who are both also AAU schools. You don't cheapen the football product at all, you greatly strengthen a number of other sports, and you maintain enough of a geographical/cultural consistency that it seems to fit and make sense. 

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