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Nebraska & Coach Frost under NCAA investigation

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There are none of us, or very few anyway, who are happy with the way the games have played out since Scott came back home. This had all the marks of a return to football legitimacy for Nebraska and by a favorite son. Tom Osborne filled that bill too. TO delivered wins and Scott hasn't done that yet. We all hope that this is Scott's Oklahoma moment. Remember the stories of people wanting TO out because he couldn't beat Oklahoma. Well, Scott has had a mishap with Oklahoma too. Hopefully, Scott will do what TO did and will turn this around and get us winning a lot of games again. Then we can all forget this.. But if this season goes bad, and we get the feeling that the UofN is deliberately undermining Scott and trying to get rid of him without paying the man the money they promised in the contract, then forget about Nebraska ever being good again, at least not for a very long time. You can't stab your own guy in the back like that. It just can't happen. People said no one would come here because of what we did to Frank. A few said something of the kind with Bo's firing. Nine wins aren't good enough? And then coaches wouldn't want the pressure. Coaches live for and under pressure, so long as the admin has their back. If that's not the case, Nebraska won't attract anyone to coach this program. Bank on that.

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1 hour ago, Minnesota_husker said:

Lars doesnt work in the Nebraska Media. I think he is just a fan. He is hit or miss because I think he only has 1 source. He also tends to lead with stuff without verifying. 


Benning is pretty connected but I dont think he can share what he knows and I think DB wants Nebraska to be good, so I doubt he is rooting for a scandal.


They both kinda have that "Look at me, I know something but I'm not telling!" thing going on...

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Unless there is more to this, no one gives a sh!t.  Locally or nationally.  It's just a bad look with the "cheating" and still playing like a$$.  I can't imagine someone leaked this to specifically "fabricate" a reason to not pay the buy out if we look like crap this season.  I think if that came too light, Frost would leave on his own.  And TBH, I wouldn't blame him.  You want to destroy NU football, that's the way to do it.....


And if people do "know where more bodies are buried" step up or step off........


Beat Illinois and this isn't mentioned again.....

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7 hours ago, BoNeyard said:

I have no idea why this thing is staying atop the headlines, not just locally within the Nebraska media, but the national sports media. It's extremely minor, yet they keep putting gasoline on the flames. If the sports media wanted to actually do something, they'd put pressure on the NCAA for their failing of doing nothing against Baylor instead of being on Nebraska's infractions all week.


Maybe it is just me, but each tweet and each article I read from sports writers on this topic, both locally and nationally is this, "tsk tsk tsk, what a horrible thing Nebraska and Frost did, unbelievable, can you believe this? Wow Frost is in trouble." Yet I haven't seen any of these media members trying to make a real difference and putting pressure on the NCAA for their failed actions against Baylor.


It just seems like a collective attack on Nebraska and Frost, when really the current sports news scandal topic should be a collective call out of how pathetic the NCAA was on Baylor and their atrocious violations.

Students hurting other students (Baylor) is a tough thing to pin on the Baylor admin from a legal stand point for the NCAA.  University admin hurting or putting into harms way students is much easier for the NCAA to go after and win if it was to go to the courts.  In other words, we are low hanging fruit right now compared to the legal nightmare that is the Baylor situation.  AND it hits the current hot topic of our times which is covid.  Going after NU for this covid violation will make them look like a gleaming white knight in the eyes of many. 

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25 minutes ago, Bledred said:

When you are pulled over for speeding and 20 cars speed past you.  Breaking the law is breaking the law.  Are we sorry we broke the rules or are we sorry we got caught?

Got caught. Let’s be real. You gotta do what you gotta do. I’m all for our student athletes getting a protein shake post workout and a little test injection before them. Bring back roidbraska!

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