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*** The Official Nebraska @ Illinois Game Thread ***


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30 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:


Our other QBs aren't nearly as good as Martinez. We haven't recruited well at QB, guys with weak arms who apparently they thought we could "coach up" and hopefully increase arm strength in the weight room. Look at McCaffrey last year.

Not a single player our QB coach has brought in has gone on to be a legitimate P5 QB here or anywhere else and he has passed over multiple guys who wanted to commit here who are top 25 guys. A couple have been NFL worthy.


Most of the guys he has targeted aren't even D1 quality players.


There is 1 really good coach, 3 maybe 4 ok D1 coaches and a bunch of D2 guys on this staff.

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7 minutes ago, DefenderAO said:

It's almost like everything Adrian is doing is to make one play to make up for the rest of his career.  And every year is more compounded failure making his regression more apparent.


That's some of Adrian.  But that is mostly coaching.

No it’s pretty much Adrian.  I’m sure the coaches aren’t teaching him to fumble at the end of the half on a stupid trying to get another yard play

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8 minutes ago, BoNeyard said:

Why didn’t we try everything to get McKenzie Milton?


Adrian Martinez will go down in Nebraska history as a more offensive name than Bill Callahan.

Frost hitched his wagon to Adrian and unfortunately it may lead to his demise…

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5 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:



I don't buy this. There are plenty of hungry young coaches looking to make a name for themselves, especially with the amount of $ we're willing to shell out. Problem is, most of them view Nebraska as a stepping stone, not a final destination.



Like who?



The unrest in the athletic department, the failure of the native son, the recruiting no man's land. Who is signing up for this? 

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