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*** The Official Nebraska @ Illinois Game Thread ***


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Just now, lo country said:

Losing is the worst thing that could happen to this program.  All the buy in, belief, trust is gone.  The "system" didn't work. The scheme didn't work.  The plan didn't work.....

This was the biggest game of the season and future of the program. We didn’t show up. We lost.

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If he could not fix the penalties over the four years he has been here, he just can’t be successful at Nebraska. What is the penalty comparison for this game? Last year, as soon as I heard bielema went to Illinois, I knew they hit the jackpot. Based on our performance, this game might be the closest score against a Big opponent this year.

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I was fairly pessimistic about the program this off season, so today's result (so far) has not really meant much to me. We've been down this road so many times now in the last couple of decades and this team doesn't look like it has made any progress beyond where they've been the last three seasons. Pure apathy from me.


I humored them by watching the first half today but that'll probably be the last of that this season.

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The program is dead.  No matter who coaches this mess.  We can' t recruit in this league.  We can't, plain and simple.  We don't have the same horses that other teams have.  Our offense is worthless.  Amart is not a throwing QB.  Put in the option, and we might have a chance to win at least 4 games this season.

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Just now, VectorVictor said:

Frost looks like he’s done with this already. Zero leadership on the sidelines from him. 

And no, I’m not expecting Bo-levels of vitriol, but I would want Frost to show that he cares and is pumping his team up. 

100% agree.  His physical demeanor says "whatever"...And has from the start of the game.  no passion. No fight.  Nada.

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