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Who do we hire?

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2 hours ago, Caveman said:

Chris Klieman 

I thought of him too.  He's proven successful and knows how to win championships.  However, now that the Big 12 has expanded and has maintained viability, his chance to get to the playoffs is much easier going through the Big 12 then the Big 10. 

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14 minutes ago, Stumpy1 said:

Fire Verdu, Held and Austin and hire Helton as QB coach, Snyder as ST coach.  Possibly look at Clay Mcguire for OL.  

i think held is a bit underrated, and his rbs underperform partly because of the O-line.


other than that, i agree. if there isn't a cleanout, verdu and austin need to go. hire snyder and a great ol coach, and let the OC coach the qbs.


but you know frost won't do that.

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4 hours ago, GlobalHusker said:

Only because I just saw him on the Pregame show….How about Hire Bob Stoops out of retirement? 

To me this would be the ultimate and would bring Nebraska a lot of attention. Sort of what UNC did with Mack Brown. You get a CEO and he’s going to bring in some dudes to coach. Solidifies the coaching immediately and it’s not some guy trying to make a name for himself and handing out coaching gigs for his buddies. Bring in the veterans to bring NU back. 

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