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Who do we hire?

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On 9/19/2021 at 5:32 PM, GlobalHusker said:

Disclaimer:  Kinda emotional post:


Mojo, karma, luck or whatever makes it feel like we’re just destined to lose.

We have the potential to be so much better with who we already have on the team, but can’t make ‘The’ play. 2 lame duck passes should have been INTs weren’t. One almost great play by Braxton, but couldn’t pull it in. And we just make it worse because Penalties all over the place on the most successful drives that we have or occur at the start of a drive.


Refs don’t catch all of them, but it sure feels like they catch them when we do something. Where are the calls on the other team when they score on us? lol 

I’m waiting for plays like Frost to Davison to win the game vs Mizzou. A play like that never happens for us now. I don’t think that’s due to coaching or talent.

As a lifelong Cubs fan, I can guarantee you one thing: Nebraska doesn't have bad luck. Being competitive and winning championships comes down to your leadership, coaches and players.


You can fix S&C, which it looks like they've done. You can recruit good talent, which it looks like they've done. But, all the stuff that they're struggling with right now in year four (mental errors, lack of development in key position groups, penalties) mostly comes down to coaching.


I think Damon Benning said it best this morning: if you can't fix the problems ailing your program, then you're either unknowing, unwilling or incapable. Eventually, time runs out on those folks.

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