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What Good Can Come From the Fordham Game?

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The truth is, very little good can come from this game.  If NU wins big - no one will care or be impressed at all.  If NU struggles, which - given their history under Frost - is entirely possible, it is yet another stain on the program.


All is not lost, though.  There is a scenario where some good can be gained from this game.  If NU gets out to a big lead, back-ups can play.  In particular, back-up QBs.  Even more ideal, NU will race to a big lead in the first half, and Smothers/Haarberg can get some snaps with other first team players.  I say that knowing that "ideal" scenarios are quite rare for Nebraska, these days.


The Illinois loss is going to be a dark cloud that will linger for at least a month.  No one will be impressed if NU beats Fordham and Buffalo (and we all know Buffalo won't be a 'gimmee').  I have absolutely no hope NU is going to beat OU.  That means we will have to wait for the game at Michigan State for a chance for a win that that may actually feel like an accomplishment.  And, we can't assume anything in that game, either.


What a mess....








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I think  if they can make it through a game, albeit against lesser opponent, without any bonehead plays that could help a lot.  Play a clean game and get the season back on track.  Illinois wasn't a bad team.  Nebraska doesn't have a bad team they just aren't that good.  Lots of good could come from a win.

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1 minute ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

Lots of good could come from a win.


Might depend on what kind of win.  A struggle to win against Fordham would have a lot of grumbling and truth be told would put an exclamation point on what is being said about many losses we've had, including Illinois.  A blowout is needed. 

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2 reasons in my opinion and for it to qualify this needs to be a comfortable beatdown to the tune of 28-35+ points



1. While I am as (insert negative adjective here) as any one at the ineptitude of frosty- I still support this program and want to see success/momentum to springboard into the week after.  We have so much uncertainty with both RB and WR room, it be great to see a top guy emerge and continue to build week by week


2. This is attached to the comfortable beatdown comment- i want a chance to see smothers live... Perhaps he's going to be a bust and coaches dont want to trot him out there but I am sick and tired of giving 2AM chance after chance.  Guy lacks any sign of passion to rally troops around unless hes down by 21 points and he's got a noodle arm coupled with a low passing IQ.  I'm done with this clown.  I want to see what's behind him and having a chance to put away an opportiunity early affords us an opportunity to trot smothers out there for a few series to see what might exist... who knows, perhaps he actually can string together completions and move the offense down the field unlike 2AM who seems to prefer to miss basic AF throws on the regular and sleep walk through quarters and halfs at a time

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