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*** Official Buffalo Game Thread ***

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2 minutes ago, man eating mastodon said:

It sure is odd 

Yeah, I know it's really odd. Now, maybe last year was an aberration for Culp, because he did lose his place kicking job at LSU. But, for all the people mad about special teams, I just don't get how missed field goals are the fault of the special teams coach or the head coach.

I still don't get why CTB is back fielding punts though. I know that punt didn't hit off him, but he has to take charge, yell PETER!!!, and have everyone get the hell out of the way. 

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21 minutes ago, teachercd said:

I guess to give you an idea, one of the prop bets today on my gambling site was Stepp's rushing yards,  it was set at 79.5.


I could. not bet that fast enough and I am not even sure if he had over 7 carries.  


I agree with blaming Held but I also think they have lame backs.

I think the problem with essentially splitting the playing time with three backs, is that nobody is going to improve.  They’re all just going to  continue to be okay.   I too was puzzled as to why Stepp didn’t get more PT.  He looked pretty solid against Fordham.  Who plays and how much, is all on Held.  Frost stated as much in the post game presser.  

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