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Next 3 are W's, are we in Top 25?

Upcoming 3 game win streak, when do we enter Top 25?  

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  1. 1. 3 game win streak, when do we enter Top 25

    • OU
    • MSU
    • NW

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10 minutes ago, lo country said:

I’ll play.  Yes we are top 25 if we win our next 3.  And deservedly so...

Fun to think about regardless of how unlikely.


If we win the next 1, we are top 25.  If we win the next 3, likely top 20.  If we beat Oklahoma....  Guessing these kids might start believing.  That's really all that's been missing for a while imo... Confidence.

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1 hour ago, All Hail Herbie said:

In light of how great our loss to IL looks right now (IL fans are already discussing coaching alternatives), let's not get too presumptuous about our prospects.  While I did not watch it, I hope this Board enjoyed the methodical win over Buffalo on Saturday.  It may be the last one this season.

lol- it wont be the last one of the season.  Minnesota looks a lot more winnable now with ibrahim injured, purdue needs to be a win and we're due to beat northwestern.  Mich st lookin a bit tougher than before and all the others including michigan we're dawgs... long way to go for sure but theres no way buffalo is the last win lolol, if it is frost gone

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1 minute ago, TGHusker said:

That will be a gimmie - beat down OSU 2x this year.  :restore:smokin:sarcasm

The way they played the last game, I'm not sure they are lock to get there.  Maybe Oregon is that good but I doubt it.  My gut tells me this could be a down year for Ohio State.   

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Putting percentages to it, this is how I see it over the next 3-

1-2 - 60% chance

2-1 - 30% chance

0-3 - 9% chance

3-0 - 1% chance 


I think there is a pretty good chance we are sitting at 3-3 or 4-2 after the next 3 games.  Michigan State isn't a juggernaut but will be a challenge playing them at home and the game with Oklahoma will take a toll on us physically.  I don't see us losing to NW unless we regress significantly.  

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