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Former Players Who Transferred- Stats

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1 minute ago, Archy1221 said:

Your last sentence is a very good point.  More room slight error on those passes. 

I remember how people would be so mad for Adrian "throwing the ball high" and getting Wandale and JD killed on passes over the middle.  However, the ball was only "high" for those smaller receivers, which forced them to jump and reach high into the air.  For Adrian to hit those receivers over the middle, he is forced to throw the ball over LB's.  It helps when the slot receiver catching the ball is taller, with longer arms.


On the long TD pass to Toure near the end of the 1st half against Buffalo, Martinez is still forced to throw the ball over the LB, but it helps that Toure is taller, can catch the ball over his head, but without breaking stride, and can continue running downfield.

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9 minutes ago, desertshox said:

Try it this way, with jd someone else isn't on the field when the other team had a 4th down.

 There you may have something. Our punt return game is abysmal. However would it be worth the distraction on the practice field and of course the play counting- trying to get him unproductive snaps on offense? That's a tough one because our PR game really does suck.




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8 minutes ago, The Dude said:

I figured he would do well at TCU, but I never cared enough to look into it.  Thanks for letting me know I was wrong on the internet; the worst thing a person could be.

 You may want to start checking, if you're always wrong, you may want to consider I don't know, changing your sources or your approach to decision making. :D



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