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Oklahoma: What did we learn?

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Just now, Stumpy1 said:

Our defense will keep us in games.  Frost needs to figure his s#!t out along with ST.  


The one gripe I do have about our defense is our zone coverage.  


I'll heap it on Scott Frost as much as the next guy, but, I thought the gameplan was good. Just the OLine giving up too much too quickly

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Shave the 2pts off their score for the returned extra point, give us that point back.  Give us the 2 missed field goals back.


Nebraska wins 23-21


Never thought I'd be saying that, best performance against a top 5, hell a top ten team in a long time.  Bad game management from Frost and AM at the very end, but OU had a lot of mental flubs too.  Great game, take the L with some pride today.

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There were times when the O-line was physical. However, the mental errors and lack of cohesiveness outweighed the times of physicality. From the box score, 38 runs for 95 yards, just isn't get it done.
Special teams continue to be awful.
I think there are times when our playbook takes to long to develop downfield. Maybe it's because we're not getting separation, maybe it's too complicated of routes but it's hard to see on screen.

However, this team fought. I'm actually encouraged because we were not blown out by a top-5 team on the road.

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We could have had this.  It's still coaching issues:  Discipline (lack thereof) wrt penalties.  Steadiness on Special Teams (a kicker, please?).  Clock management. 


But, yes, mixed feelings because the positive is obvious improvement. 



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Not gonna bash frost. A minute left. Zero protection. What do you expect with a minute left, zero timeouts and a porous OL. I say we stick with him but change coaches at OL and get a kicker. What scares me is this, a lot of guys on defense are super seniors. 

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At this point, all fingers and thumbs point to Frost and his unwillingness to make coaching changes to address issues we have faced for 4 years. Last week, I posted on three different threads that special teams will cost us close games. This is definitely one of those. This game ends 23-21 Nebraska win if we score our field goals and do not miss the point after. At what point does Frost go out and hire the best special teams coach out there. Heck, Frost should take a pay cut from his big fat salary and use it to attract the best special teams coach. Also OL is penalty prone and has not improved. Why is that coach still allowed in memorial stadium? This game really gives me hope that we might be closer than we thought in turning the corner but if we continue to ignore special teams and OL woes, we will continue to lose close games. Also, our offense is not explosive enough for us to be able to absorb penalties and horrible special teams play. We need all aspects of our game to click if we are to have a chance against the BIG opponents.

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