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Michigan State: What did we learn?

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Left guard is getting manhandled a lot, no wonder Frost is pissed . Second play of game and our TD run by AM, very similar plays. at 44:27 here. In second play of game TE pulls behind LOS to outside wham or if not there to LB. On second play of game LG blown up so bad- the ball carrier can't get there we get nothing. Here AM is deep enough that he can avoid the pileup. In any event the LG is getting owned. 



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7 hours ago, Undone said:

Another thing that isn't getting much air time is also that if we just get a couple first downs on our second-to-last possession with about 4:00 left on the clock, the game is essentially over.


We had a couple of those situations in 2018 as well. We had the other team worn out and we're up; all we need to do is to have our offensive line get a good push and pick up four yards per play on the ground and the game is over.

But we go 3 & out and give the other team a chance. It's just about the worst possible way to watch us lose a game.


My favorite drive last year was the final one against Rutgers when we got the ball with half the 4th quarter left and the lead, we ground-out 1st-down after 1st-down til the game was over. Our offense went out there with the chance to finish the game and got the job done. Those instances have been few and far between. It doesn't get talked about much but a big reason Frost leads the nation in 1-score losses and our record is what it is during his time is that our O has been at its worst in the clutch. 

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23 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

The offense needs to be scoring TDs. I’m not down playing that. 

But, I’d be interacted in knowing how we would rank in red zone scoring if we made all our field goals. 


We are #79 in scoring TDs in the red zone.  So still not very good. 


We have scored in the red zone 19 times and not scored five times.  But I don't know how many of the FG misses are from the red zone.  He is 3-3 under 30 yards.  But only 1-4 from 30-39.  Before this year Culp was 14/17 from 30-39.


Making one more FG would move us up to #77 in red zone scoring.

Making two more FG would mean #60.

Making all three would mean #36.

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On 9/28/2021 at 5:21 PM, krc1995 said:

And do we not know how to fair catch balls anymore? 

why put anyone back on a punt if he’s going to watch the ball roll to the 5? 


It's pathetic that in year-4 we not only still don't have a return game but are committing field-position suicide watching line-drives roll on by. We evidently can't even coach-up somebody enough to Santino Panico it consistently. 



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