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Northwestern Week Pressers


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If we win this one - and that's a big "if" - then we have winnable games against Minnesota & Purdue.


All three of those takes us to 5 wins. Then we'd need one out of two against Wisconsin & Iowa.


Same basic theatre every year; we have to claw back and scrap to even have any hope of getting to 6 wins.

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Standard disclaimer: The stuff Frost says in these pressers shouldn't mean as much as most fans make of it because he obviously doesn't want to be there doing that (and neither would I). He's just filling the time until it's over, and it's probably like pulling teeth.


But this right here:



I mean..."missing" is exactly the problem...right?

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7 minutes ago, Undone said:

I mean..."missing" is exactly the problem...right?

They play extremely hesitant.  


Against OU, there was a play where the guard was supposed to get to the second level and block the MLB.  He releases to the second level, but he sort of half asses it to the MLB and doesn't get the block.  The MLB makes the tackle on the outside for no gain. 


I believe this is what he's talking about.  The guard looked like he was hesitant....why?  He obviously knew he was supposed to go get the MLB.  Why not go 100 mph and do everything you can to get there?  If you miss, then at least you gave it your all.

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