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The Courts (not specific to either party)

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according to Schenck, it is not the first time a decision has been leaked.


Schenck had "worked for years" to gain access to the court by trading favors and using his faith, he told the Times. And in 2014, two of Schenck's "star donors," Donald and Gayle Wright, ate a meal with Justice Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann.


The next day, the Times reported, one of the Wrights called Schenck and told him Alito had written the majority opinion, and that the case would be decided in favor of Hobby Lobby. Less than a month later, that exact decision was announced to the public.




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19 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

Both Alito and Wright are denying the story.  





“The evidence for Mr. Schenck’s account of the breach has gaps,” the Times admitted

Any “allegation that the Wrights were told the outcome of the decision in the Hobby Lobbycase, or the authorship of the opinion of the Court, by me or my wife, is completely false,” Alito said in the statement.


Gayle Wright, in an interview with the Times, said that a justice doesn’t “ever tell you about cases.”

“They aren’t allowed to,” she reportedly continued. “Nor would I ask. There has never been a time in all my years that a justice or a justice’s spouse told me anything about a decision.”


Hobby Lobby founder David Green declined to comment, according to the Times, and Barbara Green, his mother, said she “had no idea which way” the Supreme Court decision “was going to go” before it was announced, the Timesreported.

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I’ve always liked the idea of 18 year term limits for SC justices 


Rubin goes on to lay out three possible ways to bring about Supreme Court “reform”: (1) “Eliminate lifetime tenure for justices,” (2) “Expand the Court,” and (3) “Implement ethics rules for justices.”

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I said it elsewhere - with our state of politics and the conservativeness of the court if there was any way this could have been pinned to a liberal they would have done it.  Because they can't/didn't I think we all know it was a conservative justice.

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