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WR Malachi Coleman


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Just now, Red Five said:

Had 2 catches for 25 yards against Kearney last night.


I guess the QB play was god awful, but if you are the coach you need to find more ways to get the ball in his hands.


They were also doubling him on basically every play.


But I agree that you have to find ways to get it to him.

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2 hours ago, teachercd said:

Coach Cool at Kearney does a really good job and has for a pretty long time now.  He must really like it there because the Millard South job would have been his if he wanted it.


And the new OPS school Westview would have been his if he wanted it.

I can't imagine having a good gig in Kearney and wanting to move to Millard or OPS.


Kearney is a great town!

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13 hours ago, skers83 said:

I bet Mike Riley would tell him to go to Oklahoma

Yep, and I think I would respect him more for that then coming to Knebraska under Frost.   Kid would be an absolute idiot to at this point.  Obviously, he's not as he's positioned his way through the gaslighting of Frost and will be able to justify his direction.  It only took one game.

I know our fan base wants to mock a coach from five [5] years ago an some of his stupidity ... but it feels strange when we are sittin' in the filth of Frost.

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