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*** Official Michigan Game Thread ***


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Adrian Martinez has many talents as a QB:


He's an exceptional human being.


By the time his career is over he will hold numerous historic stats at Nebraska.


However, the one stat where he is lacking that always matters the most is the Win/Loss record, and the cold hard truth is Adrian just can't seem to find a way to win these big games.

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We simply do not have a 2 min drill. I can’t remember the last time we had the ball in our hands for a final drive and came up with a win. Definitely not since Frost came to Lincoln. We had two chances to win or at least tie the game in our own home and we just found a way to lose this game…how many more gut wrenching loses do we have to endure before we turn that never ending corner

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2 minutes ago, lo country said:

Honest question.  Will we turn this corner with Frost?  With the offensive staff intact?

WTF does Frost have to do with your QB turning the ball over every other 2 minute drive?   Two times in a row to lose ball games. A third at Illinois in the first half to get the team in a hole.  He’s not a pressure QB and never has been.   Seems like a great kid, and wish him all the success in the world in life, but this is D1 football, not who has the nicest QB.

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