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Michigan: What did we learn


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Just now, Born N Bled Red said:


Ok totally made up penalty here, but I'm flagging this for delay of reply for a disconcerting post. Like the refs I just totally made that crap up too.

Flag on the play for non judicial like conduct.

Second flag for wahbat on the field.
Third flag for cavalier attitudes. 

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We seemed to have progressed from the " a loss is a loss no matter if it's 1 point or 60 points (who cares that we were embarrassed on primetime TV)" Pelini mentality.  We still have the  loveable loser mentality Riley instilled.  I'll sample Husker football again next year to see if things have improved.  

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It's really frustrating to all who love husker football.  Plenty to gripe about but take a look back 12 months ago.  The progress is obvious.  Plenty of stuff hasn't been fixed and we should be frustrated imo.  We are mad but keep in mind, we are playing the toughest schedule in college football... #1.  And we are more than competitive. 


But damn it's getting old losing the close games by our own mistakes.

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7 minutes ago, HuskerJax said:

I think we beat osu or Iowa. We are due to win a game we shouldn’t. 

I think it’s possible but I see the path being minny Purdue and Wisconsin.


Iowa just plays clean football and we don’t. Love 2AM heart and plays he makes but hot damn im just so over watching a crushing loss due to another self inflicted play

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5 minutes ago, FrankWheeler said:

Michigan fans were convinced the refs were trying to give the game to Nebraska…

Based on what, exactly? The illegal formation call? The PI on Domann that gave them the margin of victory? The "disconcerting signals"?  The replays that needed to be overturned in the booth which  continuously showed how badly they were trying to screw us?


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More of confirmation, but Butterfingers can't be relied upon in crunch time. This is has been a consistent problem. Again, he's not the sole reason they lose, and he's often the best offensive player, but his inability to play clean is a contributing factor.


This game was lost on the back of the first half play calling. Very little innovation or imagination. I get wanting to set up the run. And those plays did contribute to some successful calls in 2nd half. But you can't expect to beat a highly ranked team tanking the offensive for 30 minutes. 


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I actually learned something pretty obvious.  We just need to win, cut the bulls#!t and win.  Beat the ones who dont have top 25 recruiting classes handly, work till we can bet teams in the top 25 handly.  Just win, f#&%ing win man.  Get points when you can, maintain ball control.  Keep the D off the field for the entire game.  Try not to win the whole f#&%ing game in 1 quarter.  Dont put yourself in stupid situations where you need to throw yolo bombs.  Just f#&%ing Win.  So sick of this s#!t, this stupid f#&%ing bulls#!t

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