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does eric chinander leave

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33 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

Could you tell where those programs sacrificed - was it because they didn't have 2 LB coaches?


Iowa and OSU don't need multiple LB coaches because they run a 4-3 - less difference between ILB/OLB. Georgia and Bama technically split OLB/ILB, but they each have their DC taking one of those so doesn't use up a whole spot.

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42 minutes ago, Xmas32 said:

I appreciate the quick back of the napkin math you put together about other teams.  You are correct, in that I (and alot of other people) have been miffed about the S/T play.  You know what though?  The only thing I'm really annoyed about is the total lack of a punt return game and the punting.  I don't think you can really do much about the kicking because kicking is such a weird mental thing that when it goes bad, it goes way bad and sometimes you're on the wrong side of variance.  Nebraska ran soooo pure for like 15 years with kickers that we were probably due for some regression there.  I'm not even really miffed about the lack of kickoff returns either with the fact you get the ball at the 25 now as I would imagine by and large, you should just call for a fair catch the vast majority of the time.


I agree with your observation on punt returns.  I assume that's why CTB was back there to start the year.  He was willing to take some chances and had the ability to make a big play.  Unfortunately he had one complete disaster and two others where (imo) he got caught in a bad situation and didn't react the way he could have.  So now we've gone the safer route - we haven't had any disasters but we're not making any plays either.


Somewhere more in the middle would be nice.

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55 minutes ago, Husker in WI said:


Iowa and OSU don't need multiple LB coaches because they run a 4-3 - less difference between ILB/OLB. Georgia and Bama technically split OLB/ILB, but they each have their DC taking one of those so doesn't use up a whole spot.

good info - thanks

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I hope this post doesnt come off as bashing Chinander, because that's not my intent.  However, I think we're probably still a year or 2 away from him getting serious looks as a HC, if thats a path he wants to go down.  I say this because while our defense has improved tremendously, prior to this year we really werent that great.  In reality, our defense has been pretty subpar the first few years, though it has improved every year and, eye test wise, stands out as a success due to the performance and consistency its displayed that our offense has not.    


I think the ohio state game will be very telling.  While our defense has been very solid this year on limiting points and bottling up the other offense, our bend dont break style doesnt really work that well against a team that is both more talented and very sound offensively.   In hindsight, that oklahoma performance (while still looking solid) has lost some shine given how big of a bust Rattler has turned out to be.  Oklahoma has struggled in almost every single game this year and now has a qb battle on its ends when one of the qbs was the preseason consensus for the heisman.  Michigan St and michigan were rather 1 sided based offenses (just stop the run) that I think played very well to the strength of this defense.


We still don't have any form of a pass rush without blitzing and we still are pretty dismal at creating turnovers and creating big swings on the field position game.  Historically speaking, Head Coaches that have come from the Defensive side of the ball typically have a very distinct system or produce results (creating turnovers, domination of the game) for a top 10 type team that springboard said coach to a HC role.  While its been great improvement thus far and Chins has proved me wrong, I wouldn't say he's even close to either of these 2 categories.


TLDR: I like what chins has done but no im not worried he's bouncing to a HC gig as I feel like he needs to post another 2-3 years worth of top 25 caliber defenses before he'd get an honest look



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34 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

It really is interesting the different tone towards him now compared to even one year ago.


People knew that Chinander was in over his head and didn't deserve the job

People knew that Garrett Nelson didn't deserve to be on the field

People knew that Martinez was terrible

People knew we were going to get run off the field by Oklahoma


Reminds me of this:



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4 hours ago, Hedley Lamarr said:

Coach Held has actively pursued G5 HC gigs since coming to Nebraska. No others on the staff have. 


He definitely did after the first two years and I never understood it. He hasn't proven much at all in D1 to suggest a jump like that. JUCO HC is not the same. 

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