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Minnesota: What Did We Learn?

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Whatever corner we thought the team was starting to turn, it feels like today they turned around and went back around it the other way.


There may have been some games over Martinez's tenure here at Nebraska that we wouldn't have won without him, but there are just as many that we may have won with someone else under center.  We could never have the consistency we'd need to claw our way back to relevancy as long as he's our starting QB.


Speaking of consistency, I wish that our team had more of it where we actually need it.  We consistently find ways to lose games, and that's about it.

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I'm a better gameday coach than Frost.


Consistently manages games to his own team's weaknesses.


Still do not understand not just dialing up a Brady-esque sneak. Why touch the ball 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage when you need 6 inches? Makes zero sense.


And on 3rd down, down by 6, you run up the middle to set up Connor Culp? WTF?

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I learned that Frost and Lubbick (who ever calls plays) are in over their heads

D started poorly, but stepped up

You have a FG kicker with a bun hip flexor, but trot him out

Red Zone O is 99th

5-17 in one score games

We have no offensive development on OL or RB

Out coached again

We are no closer to winning anything than we were with our 3 moral victories

Our OL is pathetic

Unsure how the entire staff returns 


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- It’s tough to win on the road in conference games but we make it so much harder with all the self-inflicted mistakes.


- The 2-4-5 has been really good for us this year but really struggles against teams that want to run the ball. We brought in the 3rd DL finally and went back to stifling Minnesota. Cannot expect 2-4-5 to work against 3 of the remaining 4 opponents.


- We usually leave a lot of points on the field, and we did, but it felt like Fleck left a lot on the field and gave us chances. I actually thought we might win because Minnesota bungled so many promising drives but alas.


- Still see so much good where you can see what the vision/plan is but it’s not often enough and this was a bad loss. Need the bye week to set up this final run.

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